Do you feel that you are Tableau Expert? Then try this challenge 34

Hello All…

Here I am coming with new challenge. This is simple challenge. Just want to give a thought on this kind of challenges. I solved this with one calculated field. Here I am not providing dataset you can use Tableau super store dataset.

We have daily sales information in super store dataset. You can see in below image.

Scenario: User will select date in Parameter and want to see sale for selected date along with last six months last day sales. See below explanation.

User Selected date: 5/11/2018 (i.e May 11th 2018). 

Now in report we will show like this.

 You can verify the sales numbers in below image.

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Experiment… Observe… Learn…

Do you feel that you are Tableau Expert? Then try this challenge 33

Hello All…
Here I am coming with new challenge.
Have you ever built NPS gauge chart in Tableau? Let’s try to build as shown below.
My data looks like below table. I have date and NPS score for each date. Build NPS gauge chart for each date.

Color Code Logic:
NPS Score < 50 then Red
NPS Score >= 50 and NPS Score < 80 then Yellow
NPS Score >= 80 then Green

See NPS gauge chart which I built:

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Experiment… Observe… Learn…

Scenario 30: Show Monthly Sales trend for Top 5 States by current month sales.

Generally, in organizations you will get similar kind of single line problem statements. It’s important that how you will understand this problem statements and convert them into meaningful insights. Usually I will convert problems statements into simple logic steps. Then I will start thinking about how to solve them using technology. 

Here the above statement, I will convert into following steps.

Step 1:
Find current month sales

Step 2:
Identify Top 5 states by current month sales

Step 3:
Show monthly sales trend for Those Top 5 Sates.

Now we will see how to do these steps in tableau.

Step 1:
We will write calculation filed for current month sales. Later we can use this calculation to find Top 5 sates by current month sales. 

Step 2:
This Step you can do in two ways.

Method 1:
Using Top option in Filter selection. 

Method 2:
Using Sets in tableau. Create a top 5 States set by Current month sales. 

Step 3:
Finally show monthly trend for those Top 5 sates.

Method 1:

Method 2:

This is how I solve problems in tableau. I like steps approach in problem solving.

Relocated to Bangalore...

Hello my dear friends,

I would like to share this with you all. I relocated to Bangalore from Hyderabad. Almost 10 years I was in Hyderabad. Three and half years I worked in Hyderabad ServiceNow Office; Now relocated to Bangalore ServiceNow office. These days I am fully engaged with work and teams, so I could not able to concentrate on my blog. Now I would like to start posting more information on this blog. Soon you will find more updates and useful information here. I am very happy with your feedback and responses. My apologies to those who did not get my response in time.

Happy Moments in Hyderabad ServiceNow Office…

This is the best team I worked for. I love this team so much and it's emotional while leaving this team. Their love and gifts are awesome. 

Team photos:

Farewell Photos:

Farewell Gifts:

How to create NPS Gauge Chart in Tableau

I am working on this. Will post soon.