Adding color to Grand Total in Tableau Desktop 9.3

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Highlight Table, prior to Tableau 9.3, would look as follows:

In the above image you can observe the marked cell which obviously contains the highest value of that table. As the Grand Total of a table will be its highest value, therefore, the cell containing it would be in the darkest shade of green color. But this is indirectly turning out to be a disadvantage because no individual value will be as high as the grand total. Hence all the other cells will be in a much lighter shade of green color. This defeats the main objective of the highlight table as it doesn’t display the comparisons between the values appropriately.

To overcome this drawback, Tableau has introduced a new feature of excluding totals from color coding in Version 9.3

The above image will now look as follows in Version 9.3

This image makes more sense than the previous one, significantly.

Now, I wish to see all positive numbers in green and negative numbers in red colored cells.

To achieve this, click on Color shelf and then Edit Colors then select Stepped Color and enter 2 (refer following image). Click OK.

Now the view changes as follows

This looks more meaningful but it would be more appropriate if the color coding extends to the grand total also. You can notice that there are negative numbers in Grand Total also.

Now the question arises, how can we add color code to Grand Total as well?

It is pretty simple as we have an option for this in Version 9.3

You can see this option once you open Edit Color window (refer following image).

Now the Highlight Table looks as follows:

Voila!!! It’s done.

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