Scenario 32: Tableau Trick: How to default current date in parameter

If you are following Tableau new features, you might observe that there is a new feature in parameter to default a value whenever workbook opened (available 2020.1 onwards). By using this feature, we can default today’s date parameter calendar. Parameter selection shows current date when ever workbook is opened freshly.

Let us follow the steps:

Step 1:

Create a date parameter to pick date from calendar.

This will show calendar view to pick date

In above it is showing date selection as 11/24/2020. So, every time whenever it is opened it will be defaulted to same date.

If you observe in below image you will see one new option “Value when workbook opens”. It is defaulted to “Current Value” then workbook always opens with same value.

If we assign dynamic value to this then workbook will open with dynamic value. For this scenario we want to open workbook with current date every day.

Let us create calculation for dynamic date.

Step 2:


Step 3:

Assign this “Today” field in Date Parameter. Edit Date Parameter and Change “Value when workbook opens” to “Today” (you can select Today calc field in drop down list)

Now this parameter will show current date dynamically on every day.