Scenario 31: How to drill down from measure names using parameter actions

Have you ever asked to do drill down on metrics? Have you ever tried this?

I was faced this challenge long back. But I did not have solution at that time. But now we can do this using parameter actions.

See below I am showing profit and sales by region using stack bar chart. Now I would like to drill based on my action on profit or sales.

If I click on Sales, then I want to display sales report or if I click on profit then I want to display profit report.

Step 1: Build Stack bar chart like below.

Step 2: Create parameter with list values as Profit and Sales. (same as Measure Names)

Step 3: Create Metric Calculation based on parameter values

Step 4: Create drill down report

Step 5: Build Dashboard

Step 6: Create Parameter action.

Now you can drill down by clicking on stack bar. This is simple example to show parameter action. But you can use this as power pull as you think.

I hope you learned new thing. Enjoy.