Scenario 17: Color and Arrow KPI Implementation in a report

Look at this below report. Are you getting useful information or insights quickly? How much time it will take to identify negative profit sub-categories.
Let change above report into visual KPI (Key performance Indicator) representation. Don’t you like it? :)

Let see how to build this report.
Step 1: Build sheet like below

Step 2: we missed to show header for 3rd column in report. Now drag Measure names into filter shelf, then select profit only. All remaining should be unselected. Then drag measure name into column shelf. Drag measure values into “Text” shelf. Remove sum(profit) from Marks shelf.

Step 3: Now we will write calculation for KPI indicators.
KPI Indicator:
If sum([Profit]) >= 0 then '' else '' END

Now you might get doubt how I used up and down arrow symbols here. I copied Unicode characters from google. Search for Unicode characters in google and then copy symbol into calculation.
Step 4:
Place KPI Indicator on color and text shelf.

Step 5: Re-arrange labels in text shelf.

Final report looks like this