Scenario 33: How to display Current Year and Previous Year sales with Current Year dates in same sheet

I got a requirement to show current year and previous year sales side by side with current year dates in single sheet.

Here is the sample data looks like below

Here is the sample report which I was asked to build

It is not as easy as you think. It might take a while to solution it. I written below calculation to show this report.

CY Calculation is straight forward, either you can create below calculation or use direct sales column. Just rename Sales to CY and use that.

PY Calculation needs thought process. How you will show previous year sales with current year dates? Simple I had written below calculation

Now the report looks like below

As we do not want to display 2019 year either we can exclude that manually in filter or write below calculation drag that to filer shelf then select “TRUE” to work dynamically for every year.

Final report looks like this