Do you feel that you are Tableau Expert? Then try this challenge 25

Hello All…

I am back with new challenge. It’s been a while that I posted challenge here. It’s very interesting and complex challenge.

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Note: Please download the Data from below link to solve this challenge. If you use this data, results should match with images posted.

You can see data set preview in below image. I have Admission date, Discharge date and Patient Count. Using this data, we can build Admission Discharge triangle.

Step 1: Build this view.

Step 2:
Now don’t show numbers for January 1900 (first column) and then display running sum across table. See below.

Step 3:
Now calculate Avg as shown in below. Calculate avg of blue color cells and display. Same for Green, Yellow and Red. Similarly, for all other cells.

Step 4:
Finally, Here I am comparing Avg calculated above with running sum which shown in Step 1. If Running sum (shown in Step 1) is higher than Avg calculated above (shown in Step 3) then showing up arrow with green color else down arrow with red color.

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