Do you feel that you are Tableau Expert? Then try this challenge 27

Hello All…

Here I am coming with new challenge. Its simple but interesting for me to solve. Have you ever asked or thought to implement this challenge? Let’s see…

Just look at simple drill down scenario below. Here I am showing sales by sub-category in sheet 1 and details for those sub-categories in sheet 2.

In general drill down process if you click on any bar of sheet 1 you can see details of that sub-category in sheet 2. Looks like below. In this case it’s machines sub-category

Have ever been asked to show like when ever you click on machines it should show only one bar Machines in sheet 1 and details of machine in sheet 2. Again, if you click on Machines it will reset view to all sub-categories. See below

If you click on Machines again it will reset to all sub-categories. See below.

You can see the animation steps in below image.

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Experiment… Observe… Learn…