Do you feel that you are Tableau Expert? Then try this challenge 16

Hello All… here I came with new challenge which will be very interesting and useful. We all know about highlight table and how it looks. Did you ever tried highlight table like below?

It’s cool and awesome. Isn’t it?
I know we were end up with highlight tables showing like below.

This is general default highlight table. If we place KPI color column, then it might look like below

Here I got one idea to make this color boxes consistent width and height. After implementing that I got the view which you seen in first image.

Many people have approached me to provide solutions for these challenges.
I felt that if I provide solution you may not show interest to solve these challenges and then thought of making solution videos and hence the delay in sharing. Since, time is not permitting to work on the videos, I have finally sharing the solution workbooks. These solution links can be found in real time challenges page. I apologies for delay in responding to mails and chats as I got busy with my other priorities


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