Participate in "Make India Proud Data" visualization Contest

Hi Everyone,

On the eve of 70th Indian Independence day, we are pleased to invite you to an exciting Tableau contest #‎MakeIndiaProud.

Let the world know the greatness of India by your Tableau skills. It’s the time to show your passion and profession. Be a proud Indian

Here you can find the roadmap of this contest:

Register for the #‎MakeIndiaProud contest, Click Here

Last date for the registration: August 13th 2016 9:00 AM IST

You can come up with any type of visualization which will show us, proud moments of India.
You can prepare your data by yourself or you can use below links to collect information.

Submit your workbook to our official Email ID: on or before August 13th 2016 9:00 PM IST.

After that, we will publish all the workbooks to Tableau Public and the next process will get kick started.

Top 3 winners will decide by Tableau Ambassadors and community leaders. Winners will get a surprise gift which will help them to gain more insights in to Tableau.

Winners will be announced at Tableau Bangalore Meetup on Aug 27th 2016 (Tentative) organized by Tableau A2Z FB and Tableau Learners FB group.

Incredible India

Do you feel that you are Tableau Expert? Then try this challenge 8

Here I am coming with real time challenge. Those who are interested can try this and test your knowledge.

Here we go with challenge:

In above image I am showing New Customers, Retention Customers and % of Retention for each Segment.

This report contains two parameters (Year and Retention Gap).

Understanding Requirement:

For Consumer:

New Customers:
New Customers are 64 in 2012. So there are 64 new customers whose first purchase was in 2012.

Retention Customers:
Retention Customers are 46 for 1 year Retention Gap. Out of 64 New Customers, 46 customers are purchased again in 2013(because Retention Gap is 1 year).
If we select Retention Gap is 2 years then we have to find:
Out of 64 customers, how many customers are purchased again in 2014?

% of Retention: 
(Retention Customers/New Customers) * 100

Please look at below images for more examples:

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

Note: Please download the Data from below link to solve this challenge. If you use this data result should match with above image.