How to Show Pie Chart for Customers as Top 10, Top 11-20 and Others

I want to show pie chart look like below image.

Lets see how to build this chart.

Step 1:

First we need to find out Top 10 Customers by Sales. Right click on Customer Name and create set as “Top 10 Customers”.

Step 2:

Now we need to create one more set for Top 20 Customers. Right click on Customer Name and create set as “Top 20 Customers”.

Step 3:

I want to show Top 11 to 20 Customers. To Archive this we need to create Combined Set based on “Top 10 Customer” and “Top 20 Customers”. Right Click on “Top 10 Customers” Set and create combined set.

Here I am excluding Top 10 Customers from Top 20 Customers. So that I will get Top 11 to 20 Customers.

Step 4:

Now Create a calculation field to divide the Customers into these 3 groups. Name the Calculation field as “Customer Group

Step 5:
Drag “Customer Group” into Rows and Sum(Sales) into Columns.

Step 6: You will See Bar Chart by Default. Now go to Show Me and select Pie Chart. Turn on the Labels by clicking “Abc” icon.