Certification Info

Tableau offering two levels of certification for both Desktop and Server. First level of certification is known as Qualified Associate and second level Certified Professional. To become Certified Professional, you must be a Qualified Associate.

Official certification information link: Tableau Certification

Note: All Exams conducted online except Tableau Server Certified professional

Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate

Exam fee: 250$
Duration of Exam: 2 hours
Total No of Questions: 36

All Hands on experience questions should answer by using tableau tool with given data sources.

Passing score: 75%

Tableau Desktop Certified Professional

Exam fee: 600$
Duration of Exam: 3 hours
Grading: By committee based on scoring rubric
Format: Hands-on, written response, building/saving solutions in Tableau Desktop. Access to the Desktop application will be provided during the exam

Tableau Server Qualified Associate
Exam fee: 250$
Duration of Exam: 90 mins (1 and Half Hour)
Total No of Questions: 80
Passing score: 75% 

Tableau Server Certified Professional

Exam Fee: 800$
Time Limit: 7 hours
Grading: Based on a defined scenario rubric and Tableau Server best practices
Question Format: Application mastery: hands-on, short essay
Delivery Platform: In-person delivery only

Exam Details & Prep Guide

Note: This exam is not available online. You should available as in person.