Scenario 27: Adding Arrows ▲▼ and B(Billions), M(Millions), K(Thousands) by Custom Number Formatting

 Here I am posting two custom number formatting that I use regularly.

Showing YoY growth using Arrows ▲▼:

Just using below format in custom number format you can display number format with up and down arrows.

Use this in custom number format: 0.0%▲;0.0%▼

See below example:

Color formatting you can do like this:

This approach will show color legend with arrows like this:

Dynamic B(Billions), M(Millions), K(Thousands) Number formatting:

Use below calculation to show B(Billions), M(Millions), K(Thousands) symbols dynamically based on metric value.

IF SUM([Sales ]) >= 1000000000
THEN STR(ROUND(SUM([Sales ])/1000000000,1)) + 'B'
ELSEIF SUM([Sales ]) >= 1000000
THEN STR(ROUND(SUM([Sales ])/1000000,1)) + 'M'
ELSEIF SUM([Sales ]) >= 1000 AND SUM([Sales ]) < 1000000
THEN  STR(ROUND(SUM([Sales ])/1000,1)) + 'K'
ELSE STR(ROUND(SUM([Sales ]),0))