Tableau Desktop 8.2 Tutorial Document

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Tableau Desktop 8.1 Tutorial Document

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Tableau Desktop 8.0 Tutorial Document

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The Easiest And Cheapest Way To Learn Tableau

I know that lot of people are searching to learn tableau and same time lot of people are asking good tutorials and step to learn tableau. Here you will get all details to learn tableau.
1.       First visit tableau official site to know about tableau and its products. Feel free to explore the site you will know lot of things in that site only.
2.       Go through online video tutorials provided by tableau. They available in official site, it will ask to fill registration form if done that you will able to see videos. Open the below link and click on On-Demand tab or On-Demand Training link.
All videos are categorized by groups. Start with getting started video. Tableau will update these videos once new version is released. Currently Tableau Desktop and Server 8.2 version videos are there.
Suppose if you want to see older version videos, please find the link below. You can select which version videos you want to see from select another version Drop Down list
3.       For your reference I am publishing few pdf version documents in this blog only. Please find the materials under Tableau E Book tab.

4.       Tableau is providing Tableau Desktop trail version for 14 days. By installing software you can practice until 14 days. After 14 days tableau strictly avoid using trail version. You can’t work after 14 days unless if you format system and re-install again.
But there is a way to practice more than 14 days.

(A)   Install different versions like 8.0, 8.1 and 8.2. You will 14 days for each version. For example if you install 8.0 first you will get 14 days, then after 14 days trail period over uninstall 8.0 version and then install 8.1 version. Now you can work for 14 days more. Do same for 8.2 also.
(B)   Otherwise you can use Tableau Desktop Public software to practice the tool. Tableau Desktop and Tableau Desktop both are different. But almost similar kind of feature is there in Tableau Desktop Public also. You can see more details in Tableau Public in this blog.
If you want to download latest version of Tableau Desktop find the link below.
If you want to download older version of Tableau Desktop find the link below. Here you will see all older versions. Click on the version link you want to download.
  1. Tableau is providing online help document for Tableau Desktop. Find the link below.
For version 8.0:
For version 8.1:
For version 8.2:
Still you want to refer older version documents please find the link below and select which version you want to refer.
  1. Some more documents are there by topic wise. If want to cover them please find link below.