Do you feel that you are Tableau Expert? Then try this challenge 31

Hello All…

Here I am coming with new challenge.

Click Here to download Data . Use this data set to solve this challenge.

Here I am showing # of customers by selected sub-categories.

There are 5 parameters, you can select sub-category from each parameter and compare how many customers purchased selected sub-category products.

For Example, as shown above:

There are 474 customers who purchased Accessories and similarly 356 customers appliances, 494 Customers Copiers, 650 Customers Binders, 64 Customers Art products.

There are 10 customers who purchased all these products.

Based on parameter selection this report works seamlessly. See below screens.


Here I selected only Binders and Copiers. There are 59 customers who purchased both out of 655 customers.

Few examples here

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