Do you feel that you are Tableau Expert? Then try this challenge 22

Hello All…

Here I am coming with new challenge.

For this challenge data looks like below. Only one column which shows dates. You can prepare data by yourselves and try this challenge.

I have data like this, Date starting from Oct 1st, 2017 to Sep 30th, 2018.

Here the challenge showing week of the month. My week starts from 1st Sunday of month. See below image.

If you see above image, I am showing week of the month column in this report.

As I told earlier, week of the month will start from 1st Sunday of month. For example, in 2017 Oct 1st starting from Sunday so Oct 1st to Oct 7th is week 1 and so on. Coming to November first Sunday starting from 5th so week 1 from 5th Nov to 11th Nov. Dates before 5th Nov will be week 5 of previous month.

So, try to write logic to display week of the month.

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