Do you feel that you are Tableau Expert? Then try this challenge 21

Hello All…

Here I am coming with new challenge. Most of challenges which I have been posting here are not what I faced. Different people colleagues, friends or blog followers sends these challenges. I solved for them. This challenge I solved for my blog follower.

Note: Please download the Data from below link to solve this challenge. If you use this data, results should match with images posted.

Build chart looks like below:

 In above line chart, we are showing two lines for same metric. Metric selected in View by parameter. Here Metric1 is selected in parameter. Now We are calculating Average and Latest date values for that Metric 1.

This report shows Metric1 values by Hours.

Average line is average of Metric1 values during that date range selected in filter.
Latest Date line is sum of Metric1 values for Latest date in this data set.

In this data set Oct 31 is latest date. So Blue line indicates Metric1 values for Oct 31 data.
Whereas orange line indicates Avg. of Metic1 values during Oct 27th to Oct 28.

Once you downloaded data and start developing this chart you will understand this challenge better.

Similarly, you can select Metric 2 from view by parameter. It looks like below.

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