Do you feel that you are Tableau Expert? Then try this challenge 4

Here I am coming with real time challenge. Those who are interested can try this and test your knowledge.

This challenge may look simple but once you solved this you will understand complexity.

I want to show chart like below:

In Above chart I am showing Number of customers who has profit ratio (ratio of profit vs sales) less than Yellow Threshold as red color, who has profit ratio between Yellow Threshold and Green Threshold as Yellow color. Finally we has profit ratio greater than Green Threshold as Green color.

Note: Yellow Threshold and Green Threshold are parameters created to change according to user requirements.

So in above Chart,

155 customers has less than 0 (-ve) profit ratio.
387 customers having profit ratio between 0 and 20.
251 customers has profit ratio more than 20.

Total 793 which shown in center of the Donut.

Please look at below images for more examples:

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

To Solve this challenge please download below workbook:

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