Do you feel that you are Tableau Expert? Then try this challenge 13

Using below data try to solve this challenge.

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Using above data try to build below report.

In above report Opening Balance and Closing Balance are calculated columns in Tableau.

Opening Balance:

For 2015 Jan, user will provide Opening Balance using parameter which is shown in above image. For this scenario assume that Opening Balance for 2015 Jan is “1,000”.

Closing Balance:
Opening Balance + Deposit
Closing Balance of 2015 Jan will become Opening Balance for 2015 Feb.


For 2015 Jan:
Opening Balance is 1,000 (User Entered in Parameter)
Closing Balance = 1,000 (User Entered in Parameter) + 1,500 (Deposit) = 2,500

For 2015 Feb:
Opening Balance = 2,500 (which is Closing Balance of 2015 Jan)
Closing Balance = 2,500 (Opening Balance of 2015 Feb) + 2,000 (Deposit) = 4,500

So on…

Suppose if user enters Opening Balance as 5,000 in Parameter reports looks like below.

Finally, I would like to add month selection for this report. User will select month then it should show data only for that month.

More results based on user selection:

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