Do you feel that you are Tableau Expert? Then try this challenge 8

Here I am coming with real time challenge. Those who are interested can try this and test your knowledge.

Here we go with challenge:

In above image I am showing New Customers, Retention Customers and % of Retention for each Segment.

This report contains two parameters (Year and Retention Gap).

Understanding Requirement:

For Consumer:

New Customers:
New Customers are 64 in 2012. So there are 64 new customers whose first purchase was in 2012.

Retention Customers:
Retention Customers are 46 for 1 year Retention Gap. Out of 64 New Customers, 46 customers are purchased again in 2013(because Retention Gap is 1 year).
If we select Retention Gap is 2 years then we have to find:
Out of 64 customers, how many customers are purchased again in 2014?

% of Retention: 
(Retention Customers/New Customers) * 100

Please look at below images for more examples:

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

Note: Please download the Data from below link to solve this challenge. If you use this data result should match with above image.