Tableau String Functions Assignment for Beginners

Here I am coming with assignment on Tableau string functions. This is very basic and fundamental assignment for beginners. Almost every body know functions in tableau. Lets see how they learned and understood.

In number functions assignment people are solving questions using string functions also. But these assignments are specific to category of functions. This assignment only on string functions.

1. How to count number of words in a sentence?

Example: 'Count the number of words in this sentence'

No of words in above sentence is: 8

2. How to write a calculation to reverse the words?

Example: "Suresh Nallapareddy" to "Nallapareddy Suresh"

3. How to count number of spaces in a string?

Example: 'Count the number of spaces in this sentence'

No of spaces in above sentence is: 7

4. How to convert "suresh reddy nallapareddy" to "Suresh Reddy Nallapareddy" (First letter of word should be capital)?

5. How to find first word in the string?

Example: 'find the first word in this string'

First word in the above string is: 'find'

6. How to find last word in the string?
Example: 'find the last word in this string'

Last word in the above string is: 'string'

7. How to find Nth word in a given string?

Example: 'find the 4th word in this string'

4th word in the above string is: 'word'

8. which function and how you will use to show "Suresh_Reddy_Nallapareddy" as "Suresh Reddy Nallapareddy"?

9. I have data like this



I want to show like this:


Single function can do this. What is that function and how you will write calculation for this?

10. How to calculate number of characters in a string after excluding spaces?

Example: 'Count the number of characters in this string excluding spaces'

Number of Characters in above string excluding spaces: 53

11. How to split email into 3 parts. See below example.


I want to show output like below:

Username           Domain                 Extension
suresh.n2008       gmail                      com
suresh.n2008       tableauexpert
suresh.n2008       tableau                    info

12. I have string like this: "s u r e s h" but i want to show it as "suresh".
Which function will do this? can you write calculation for this?