Scenario 11: How to create Donut chart in tableau (Using one dimension and one measure)

Step 1:  Create a calculated field as “Donut”. See below image

Step 2: Drag “Donut” column to Columns Shelf two times.  Change marks type to Pie. See below image.

Step 3: Click on SUM(Donut) mark shelf. See below image.

Step 4: Drag Sales to angle shelf and Customer Segment to Color Shelf. See below image.

Step 5: Right Click axis of donut and go to formatting options select Zero lines to none. See below image.

Step 6: Right Click on axis of Grey color pie then select Dual Axis. See below image.

Step 7: Right Click Sum(Donut) in column shelf and click on Show Header. See below image.

Step 8: Click on Size of Sum(Donut ) Marks Shelf and increase the slider to see outer circle. Same way you can adjust size of both Sum(Donut) and Sum(Donut)(2) Mark Shelves.

Step 9: Change the color of the inner circle by clicking color shelf of sum(Donut)(2) Mark shelf.

Step 10: For more information just ad labels. See the images for both Sum(Donut) and Sum(Donut)(2) Mark Shelves.

Step 11: If you add Region to row or column then it will show Donut for each Region. See below