Contribute to This Blog

Why I Created This Blog?

I have to tell a small story. I am a good electronics student when I was in my graduation. After my graduation I started my career as a software engineer. I spend lot of time on internet to understand fundamentals of computer science. I saw documents, blogs, and videos available for free. I got some questions on my mind. Who is publishing this material? Why they are publishing for free? My self-answered as they are contributing back to society. I learned lot from public; I have to give it back to public again.

Why I am asking your contribution?

I spend lot of time on this blog. But now I don’t have much time. So I need your contribution. It’s time for you to contribute back to public. Send your contributions to my mail: I will post topic with your name.

What you can contribute?

Real time Scenarios:
Everybody will get different scenarios, challenging tasks and issues in their day to day tableau activities. Please document those scenarios and send them to me. Business is same everywhere we will get same kind of scenario at some point of time. So I want to collect all scenarios and keep them at one place. It will be useful for our feature reference also. If you don’t have time to document, please describe the scenario and send it to me.

Interview Questions:
Those who are attending interviews can prepare interview questions list and send it to me.

Send limitations that you faced while using tableau. Some of the features which are regularly used in other reporting tool and not present in tableau can list down and send it to me. Anything that you observed something different in tableau also can send. For samples you can see My Observations tab in blog.

Visual Gallery:
Please share your visualizations. I am more interested if you share different type of charts that you implemented. You can also share the online Tableau Public views that you feel awesome. Note that people have to learn something from that view.

Those who are learning tool also can send their contributions. I will explain the scenario after that you can document it and send it to me. Interested people can send email.

Please send your contributions to